The Guide to Delivering Superior Patient Experience in Private Practice is a new series published in the Independent Practitioner Today designed to give independent practitioners the knowledge and tools needed to keep patients happy and enhance patient experience before, during and after care.

It will be packed full of information that will, hopefully, prompt you to either start or refine your patient experience strategy.

Here Jane Braithwaite begins by clarifying what we mean by patient experience, how to master the art of keeping your patients happy and why it matters.

In future articles, she explores this in more detail, including:

  • How to get started with your strategy
  • How to put patients first
  • Engaging and inspiring your team through to measurement
  • How to continually drive change and further enhance patient experience

Are you keeping your patients happy?

What is patient experience and why does it matter?

Patient experience is more than just providing superior clinical care. It is the sum of quality, safety and how we care for patients.

Every single encounter a patient has with your practice matters and forms the patient experience, whether these interactions are online, face to face during surgery or your follow-up care.

Patient experience starts with a patient’s gut feeling about your service in the earliest stage, which may be at the point where they start to research their symptoms online and discover your website or when they discuss their symptoms with a GP or friend who recommends you.

Patients have greater access to information than ever before via a simple Google search and your website is your shop window to your services and builds your reputation.

A contributing factor to a positive experience is the ability to satisfy those all-important online search queries conducted by healthcare ‘consumers’ each day.

Does your website contain educational content that addresses the health consumer’s symptoms and provides tips for preventative self-care? Read more…


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