Your patients must be at the centre of every aspect of your thinking. To improve patient experience, then, patients must be put first and we must keep patients happy.

When producing any strategy, and particularly when considering patient experience, the key components to consider are your vision statement and your goals and objectives.

Your Vision and Mission Statement

Your vision statement focuses on tomorrow and describes what you want to become. Many companies create both a mission and vision statement, with their mission statement describing what they are today.

If we take HCA Healthcare for example, its mission and vision statements are as follows:

Mission –  Our mission is to provide compassionate care and exceptional service to every patient, every day.

Vision – Our vision is to be a world-class hospital.

It also has a clear set of values, which you can see listed on its website and you may find these interesting and potentially helpful.

In developing your patient experience strategy, you may wish to develop your mission and vision statement and your values, and I would highly encourage this.

As a minimum, I suggest you need clarity on what you aspire to be and therefore your vision statement is essential.

Your patient experience vision must be entirely patient-focused and should describe what you aspire to be in the experience of your patients.

Your vision will become your roadmap. Writing a single statement that encapsulates this is difficult and you may prefer to write a small number of statements that give you clarity and communicate these to your team.


Tangible goals

Armed with your vision statement, the next step is to clarify the goals and objectives that need to be achieved to deliver this ambition and make it reality.

It is often easier to set quantitative goals that are tangible and we often see these described as service levels.  READ MORE…


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