Outsourcing your social media has so many benefits.  Considering there are over 2.3 BILLION social media users, with 73 % deciding whether to buy a product based on social media reviews, there really is no excuse not to jump on the social media bandwagon anymore.

A whopping 93% of retail brands use 2 social media platforms!

On the downside, engaging, tweeting, creating pins for Pinterest and researching the best hashtags for a tweet does take considerable time, not to mention consistency. The majority of rising private medical centres realise the importance of connecting to their audience through social media. But an even larger majority either do not have the budget for a social media manager as a full timer.  This is where outsourcing your social media comes in.

Benefits Outsourcing Social Media


With social media, you’re constantly learning. New trending hashtags are created on a daily basis along side new social platforms. You have to stay ahead of the game and have the ability to think outside the box, to think creatively and to multi-task beyond what’s usually thought capable. That’s why outsourcing to a social media specialist is a must.

A specialist can;

  • Schedule messages and blog posts to multiple different platforms 
  • Create a digital marketing plan
  • Work out your brands specific goals and objectives
  • Know your target audience just as well, if not better than you
  • Find multiple ways to connect with them through social media

By outsourcing to one of our digital marketing executives, you can save time and money by only paying for how many hours you think you really need. No more finding office space and ordering expensive PCs. No payroll or tax concerns, a virtual PA will have an elaborate home office and manage their own taxes.


I’ve learned the hard way when it comes to consistency on social media. Whilst creating our popular Designated blog – marketing tips for small businesses – we discovered that posting consistently, at least 3 times a week tended to double our traffic and we had less ‘slump days’ in the week. Yes, it took more time, but we are now reaping the benefits of our highest traffic to date AND a substantial increase in our lead generation. Do you have the time to;

  • Post on Twitter at least 3 times a day including weekends?
  • Regularly update your business Facebook page and engage with your audience?
  • Source out alternative communities and possible target audiences through Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus?
  • Have a dedicated full timer to check all of these platforms, engage and reply to customer comments throughout the day?

If not, then outsourcing could be for you.


How much would it cost to hire a social media marketing manager in London? It ranges from 26- 40K, and this still doesn’t ensure the employee is the right fit for your brand. When you outsource, not only are you guaranteed a professional who has substantial social media experience, but you also save on the cost of hiring a full timer.

I for one can admit that I can get far more done working in the comfort of my own home in a 5 hour shift than I EVER could working an 8 hour one with office distractions.

I grew tired of the amount of times I had to waste time to attend meetings that had nothing to do with my sector, and the long expensive commutes. Working from home has seen my results double! 

Designated PA are accustomed to getting results from their startups. We consistently improve brand awareness and create customer engagement  with our bespoke packages.

Designated PA are also experts in the recruitment of medical secretaries and have substantial experience working with doctors in the exclusive district of Harley Street.

So why not give it a trial run and outsource with us today?

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