Managing your own practice promises a flexible schedule and the ability to set some of your own policies and procedures. However, possibly one of the most challenging aspects is growing your patient list and marketing your services to an already saturated London market.

We have created 5 proven tips to grow your Private Practice

1. Show Transparency In The Customer Care process

Demand for private healthcare has sharply risen due to the increasing awareness of cancer and lifestyle-related conditions seen on T.V and the web. We need to go further in our response than just the typical facts and figures, we need to show the process of how a private patient is cared for compared to the NHS, and the results achieved.

2. Offer Package Deals

The majority of patients are lacking in understanding about how much treatments cost and the finance options available to them. Another thing that deters prospective patients from choosing private healthcare is the add-on prices that may occur. A great way to rectify this would be to offer package deals, such as a complete health check.

3. Network With Your Local Hospital

Build a good relationship with the management at your local hospital. Invite them to visit your practice for a complimentary treatment. This will encourage them to refer patients to you. Also look into joining LinkedIn groups such as Harley Street Forum to expand your brand.

4. Launch your Practice On Social Media

Launch your business on social media, in particular Twitter. Source for health queries in your local area and offer advice. There are multiple private doctor accounts cropping up under the hashtag #askadoctor where professionals offer feedback to the potential client, asking them to pop in for a check up.

5. Create Blog Post With Updated Medical News

Research the trends you currently specialise in and create your own clinic blog to post updates. The posts can be as little as under 300 words. By sharing these to your Twitter followers or LinkedIn groups, you will drive traffic to your site, increasing your google search rankings.


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