Maintaining close engagement from a distance

Virtual events have been around in various guises for a number of years now but, to a lot of people, this will still feel very new and possibly overwhelming. So how, and why, should you embrace the world of virtual events?

Connect with your teams

Working from home has huge benefits but can leave teams feeling disconnected. Sometimes you can’t beat a face to face conversation, whether it’s a one-to-one chat, or joining in with a larger group. Invite everyone for an online coffee (or a glass of wine!) or offer something more structured such as a quiz night or a town hall. The options are endless. Remind your teams that you are there to support them in these strange and challenging times.

Maintain contact with your clients

If your clients cannot come to you, reach out – virtually – to them. Webinars, online product launch events, even client social events. Everything from a technical product demo to a murder mystery can all be created online. Videoconferencing packages such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts etc can be used to create simple communication events. If you’re looking to go bigger then there are plenty of agencies ready and waiting with the latest technology to take your events online for you.

Continue with planned marketing activities

If you haven’t already embraced social media fully, now is the time to do it. Take advantage of the online universe and reach your audience via the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The beauty of virtual events is that they can be hosted from anywhere – and are far cheaper than hiring a venue!

Whether you’re already a pro at all of this, or a complete beginner, Designated are here to help. Contact us on 020 7952 1460 or at to see how we can help you create fantastic virtual events and stay connected.

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