“How do I avoid twiddling my thumbs as I wait for new patients to fill my clinics?” the question resonated in the Great Hall of the BMA as a group of doctors considered the do’s and dont’s of setting up private practice.

Marketing your private practice

Over the past month, I have heard similar questions, “My colleague sent out 200 introductory letters to the local GP’s, no one responded?” and finally “What about putting an advert in the classified section of the local paper?” At this point I became genuinely concerned, what did doctors really know or understand about the marketing and business development of their private practice?

Having spent 4 years branding, marketing and developing business for a world class private orthopaedic practice with two excellent surgeons my challenge was to “tell the truth well” * and to expand and grow the business, no thumb twiddling allowed. However, I concede that as doctors new and established, contemplate private practice they are acutely aware that it might not be quite so simple, if no one comes knocking.

So, if you’re looking for an EXPERIENCED MEDICAL SECRETARY or considering an EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM contact Designated Medical, we’re here to help you manage and grow your practice.

Rosie Browne – Business Development Manager


020 7952 1008


* “The Truth Well Told”

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