‘Website visitors are 4 times more likely to use social media than search engines to find what they want’

Speaking from personal experience, I found managing multiple social media accounts time consuming and an exhausting process. Managing my followers and unfollowers alone can be a headache, not to mention keeping track of my tweets and recognising the difference between a potential customer or a brand who is completely irrelevant.

But most of all, I feel the biggest problem with social media is consistency. 

I’ve seen comments in Facebook marketing groups from multiple entrepreneurs and startups who are struggling to keep up with their brand awareness, sporadically tweeting every few days. After a few weeks with minimal engagement, the realisation kicks in that it will take time and effort to kick start your business.

That’s where Designated Medical come in. Our digital marketing team specifically use their skills in marketing startups, small businesses and also private medical centres. We have proven results in increasing,

  • Website traffic
  • Engagement
  • Twitter Followers
  • Brand Awareness
  • Business Blog Views
  • Shares Using Infographics

So let’s take a look at a few questions from a small startup and see how we can assist them.

I need to set up multiple accounts but it’s just too time consuming?

We can create business accounts for all the major social media channels and ensure brand consistency is optimised throughout. For example;

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin

I already have a Twitter account but I have minimal engagement and I don’t understand the key hastags to use for my sector?

We will research hashtags for your sector to ensure targeted engagement and will post consistently on topics relevant to your business on a daily basis.

I’m not sure which social media platform would be the most suitable for my brand?

When you sign up with Designated Medical, we create a FREE marketing plan to cover all aspects of your business. You can expect to find out;

  • Where to find your customers
  • The best Hashtags
  • Which content is most suitable for your site
  • Your competitors
  • When is the best time to post on social media and which platforms to use
  • Meetings or events in your sector that you may wish to attend for networking purposes

This sounds costly, is it more expensive than hiring a full time social media executive?

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your social media is you pick the hours you wish us to work. No need to worry about things like taxes, accommodating a new member of staff, keeping them active for 8 hours a days when they’re on a salary.

As a private medical centre who may not have the budget to hire a full time member of staff, this could be invaluable to you and your growth. Simply pick the hours you feel comfortable with!

Would you like to find out more and have a quick chat with one of our experienced digital marketing executives? Get in touch today on 020 7952 1460 or email us at info@designatedpa.com

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