Designated Medical recognises the importance of a professional portrait photo and highly recommends Vicki Sharp Photography who has done many of the portrait photos for the Designated Medical team.

Portrait Photo

Vicki set up Vicki Sharp Photography in 2008 after a successful & varied career in Film & TV.    She had been involved in Special Effects, Film & TV Production (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory & Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp & Tim Burton to name but 2!) and as head of Ealing Film Studios for 2.5 years.

Setting up a business in such a competitive market was daunting at first.   Furthermore, with everyone having a pretty good camera in their pockets you’ve got to really make your product worth paying for.

As Vicki says “in the business of photography an excellent knowledge of photographic skills – both shooting and editing – is a given.   There are a lot of us out there who are very proficient photographers. What sets us apart are the people skills and how we make you, the client, look and feel both during the shoot.   The final product, which is so personal to you, may be displayed on your wall or on the front page of your website for years to come, so it better be good!”

Make everyone feel their best.

For many people, just the thought of being photographed is a nerve-racking, uncomfortable experience.  We are all critical of how we look and so often dislike photos of ourselves.   Vicki’s aim is to make everyone look and feel their best.  She is a master of making people of all ages, sizes, gender and ability feel relaxed and at ease.  Whether it is for a single corporate portrait or a large family gathering.

Award winning

Vicki Sharp Photography was delighted to be officially recognised for the skills that set her apart.  She was awarded runner up in the ‘Best Customer Service” category in the prestigious Richmond Business Awards 2016.

Vicki Sharp Photography –“ Informal Photography, Professional Results”

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