Who are they?

The Private Healthcare Information Network is the government-mandated provider of credible, accurate, and independent information that empowers patients to make informed decisions about their private healthcare.

They are a not-for-profit organisation that exists to make more robust information about private healthcare available than ever before, and improve data quality and transparency.

What are they doing?

The Private Healthcare Information Network will publish up to eleven performance measures at both hospital site and consultant level to help patients make better-informed choices of private healthcare services, and bring standards of data collection and reporting in line with the NHS.

The first hospitals performance measures will be available on PHIN’s website from 3 May 2017. These include patient satisfaction (based on the NHS Friends & Family Test) scores, procedure numbers, and length of stay information for 149 common procedures.

Where do they get their information?

PHIN collects data from all the 500 hospitals in the UK that offer privately funded healthcare, including NHS hospitals. The data will cover the estimated 14,000 consultants working in private healthcare.

When will the Consultant level performance data be ready?

PHIN will begin the process of sharing data with consultants with a view to publishing performance measures in April 2018.


And finally, PHIN will begin their Consultant engagement in June 2017, look out for a more in-depth feature and interview next month!

Private Healthcare Information Network

11 Cavendish SquareLondonW1G 0AN

020 7307 2862



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