What qualities make a medical secretary invaluable? Can you future-proof yourself to remain an essential employee in coming years? It won’t be enough to learn new software when technology in healthcare continues to advance at quite a frightening rate. You’ll need to have more up your sleeve to future-proof your career.

Prepare for the future

Looking ahead is key to future-proofing your career. What tasks do you do now that might feasibly be replaced by artificial intelligence? What technological developments are coming that may transform healthcare? You need to consider not just what’s happening now, but what innovative ideas are already being tested. Don’t just focus on the technology – think about what difference it can make to doctors and patients. This doesn’t need to take up much time every week if you use a few carefully chosen resources to keep you in the know. For example, The Medical Futurist details the latest in health technology and how it will impact healthcare. Sign up to the newsletter or find him on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Learn to learn

You’re more likely to have a future-proof career if you embrace career and personal development as an ongoing process. Employers are more likely to value learning agility in the future over discrete stints of formal education. Bear in mind what technological innovations are taking off, and look for relevant webinars, lunchtime updates and online modules. This has the advantage of boosting your network connections, which is also great for increasing your chances of staying gainfully employed.


The World Economic Forum has looked in detail at the skills employers are likely to value in years to come. Their conclusions, based on data from hundreds of companies, are that ‘soft skills’ will increasingly come to the fore. Employers think that while robots can take over repetitive tasks such as typing, they will have more need of those with social dexterity as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills.

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