“Off to Milan. The clinic is cancelled and moved, the flight is booked, (just a day trip) the taxi is on standby, the city tour reserved. Has the presentation been written? No that’s for the plane, no need to worry. 

A call from the head coach at a top Serie A club, they need an urgent review appointment. “That’s fine the surgeon replies I’m in Italy anyway. Just arrange a clinic room at the convention centre, make sure there’s an examination couch and don’t forget the interpreter. I’ll see him 45 minutes before my talk, then I’ll dictate and upload, the letter will be with them the same day.” 

From Business Development and Marketing Manager to Practice Manager, in my first couple of months this evolution was challenge enough! I learned quickly that instructions always came as two simple words “Please handle” and my response had always been “Will do”.

And now, back to Business Development. At Designated Medical, we understand that busy clinicians need administrative support designed to suit their practice and their patients. Whether you need a few hours a month or full time support our Medical Secretary will be there to ensure everything goes to plan.

And so, it’s full steam ahead at Designated Medical bringing you the perfect mix of experience, professionalism and can do attitude!

“Please Handle – Will Do” seems to me, the perfect moto! 

Feel free to contact Rosie to discuss how we can help you support and grow your practice.


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