As the holiday season is upon us, all business owners, whether medical or non-medical, face the challenge of scheduling cover for staff holidays.  The school holidays create a pressure cooker of demands for time off which need to be approved whilst ensuring that patient care is not compromised.  From an administrative perspective in a medical pratice, this includes ensuring patient calls are answered efficiently and effectively, clinics are organised and run, letters are typed and invoices sent.

Every member of your team is entitled to 4 or 5 week’s holiday each year and most people will take an extended holiday of two weeks during the summer months.  But the practice must go on.

The solutions

The solutions typically adopted are not perfect.  Other members of the team can be asked to cover holiday periods but this can lead to pressure building as workloads increase and employees return from their break to face a backlog of work.  Many practices look to employ temporary staff but the time taken to train the new employee is a barrier that is seldom worth the time, money and effort.

The team at Designated Medical would like to suggest a different approach, a virtual approach;

Our team of medical secretaries are available all year round to cover holidays.  Of course, there will be a period of familiarisation with your practice but once that has been done we can support you seamlessly at any time.

Your calls can simply be diverted to us for the period necessary.

Most practice management systems are cloud based with which our team are experienced. This means we can access your systems securely and effectively.

Patient appointments can be booked, letters typed and invoices raised.

You could consider us as part of your extended team, one you can call upon at busy times as well as during holiday periods.

The beauty of our service is that you only pay for the time we are working for you.  You can see our pricing packages here

If you would like to know more please visit our website at or contact Rosie on 0207 952 1008.

Author – Jane Braithwaite – Founder and Managing Director of Designated Medical

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