Dedicated Telephone Line
Don't have your own telephone line?  We can provide you with a geographic specific number which can then be managed by your Designated Medical Secretary as part of your monthly plan.

Medical Secretary and business solutions to support your private practice.
Change plans or cancel at any time*.  All prices subject to VAT
Designated Medical Secretary
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Don't have a DGL Licence? 
Designated Medical can provide you with DGL licence to manage your practice, from £1,200.
Designated Digital Marketing
* All monthly services are billed on 1st of the month and payable via direct debit. PAYG services are invoiced monthly and collected via automatic payment. Monthly plans must be cancelled in writing and are subject to a one month notice period. The 24/7 messaging service attracts an additional £25 set up fee and £19.20 monthly charge. You must purchase a Designated Medical DGL licence to work with a Designated Medical Secretary.  If you already have DGL access via a 3rd party provider then you must transfer your data to Designated Medical.  If you have your own DGL then you must supply two keys fobs.