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Flexible Medical PA support services for the Medico-Legal professionals

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Running a successful Medico-Legal practice is equally challenging and rewarding. The nature of the work demands an environment that allows you to focus on the critical tasks. Excellent time management is essential as you balance your clinical activities with the demands of producing detailed reports and preparing to appear in court.

 As your partner, we ensure your practice is well organised, assisting you with the production of quality reports, liaising with your key contacts, managing your busy schedule and aiming to reduce the administrative burden of your practice.

Medical PA services for Medico-Legal

Telephone Management

Ensuring your calls are answered professionally and reliably, building strong relationships with your contacts including solicitors and Medico-Legal agencies.

Report Production

Your Medical PA will produce high quality and accurate reports for you utilising our dictation and transcription services which are fully GDPR compliant, using a secure cloud-based portal.

System and Processes

Helping you to set up and utilise the best systems and processes to improve efficiency, data security and minimise errors.


Our expert marketing team are available to help you establish your reputation in the Medico-Legal sector, managing your online presence, via your website and social media and ensuring your practice grows to meet your objectives.

Financial Management

Our finance managers will ensure your invoicing is professional and accurate and we work with your clients to achieve timely settlement of invoices. We can provide monthly management reports that you help you assess the financial performance of your practice on an ongoing basis. We are a Xero accredited partner and we recommend the use of the Xero finance system.

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