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The Client

Echo are an online repeat prescription service by Lloyds Pharmacy and the second largest NHS prescription provider in the UK.

Their easy to use app allows patients and GP’s to request and manage prescriptions online.

The prescription is delivered free to any address in England via Royal Mail, and they have proven to be an invaluable service to many patients.


Challenging Times

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic the requests for prescriptions through Echo rose exponentially due to the lock down measures in place and GPs being closed. Some patients were deeply concerned and some unable to go to their local pharmacy.

The team at Echo are always busy, but during this unprecedented period they needed additional support, very quickly to meet the increased demand.

A Fast Solution

Steven Bourke, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Echo reached out to Designated Medical for additional admin and customer service support.

Within 1 working day a Designated Echo team of thirteen team members had been assembled and briefed. Training commenced the following day, with the team being ‘live’ the day after – an exceptional achievement.

Our initial brief grew from administrative duties to patient and GP management, utilising the team’s relationship skills and own initiative, within the Echo parameters, to deal with queries and provide reassurance.

At the outset of the project there was a backlog of over 4,000 prescription queries within Echo’s customer service inbox, and this increased daily by 200-300 emails. The Designated Medical Echo team managed to reduce this down to a daily manageable level within two weeks and they continued to maintain three inboxes throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

All members of Designated Medical Echo team have enjoyed and valued working with Echo and feel proud to have played their part to help support patients of the NHS during this difficult and challenging time.

Backlog of enquiries cleared within 2 weeks

Ongoing daily enquiries answered

The team is very professional and have provided us with great support over the last few months. I would highly recommend them.”

Sam Shah

Superintendent Pharmacist

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