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The Client

Dr Hiba Al-Reefy, a Consultant Rhinologist Facial Plastic Surgeon, began as a Medical PA client. She then expanded her relationship with Designated Medical to include our marketing team so that she could increase her online presence.

She is Medical Director at Awali Hospital in Bahrain as well as having a private practice at Princess Grace Hospital in London.

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Scope of work

  • Creative design
  • Content writing
  • Image sourcing
  • Website development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Compliance – Privacy & Cookie Policy
  • Google Analytics
  • Website hosting
Trusted Partner in marketing
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Trust in Designated Team

Dr Hiba Al-Reefy had initially instructed a design agency in Bahrain to develop her branding and logo, however this was proving to be troublesome once this progressed to website development.

The Designated marketing team’s initial brief was to support her with writing content for her new website that would be developed in Bahrain. However, due to excellent client relationship and trust the team developed with Dr Hiba Al-Reefy, the website design and development was transferred to the Designated team.

“I’m glad I decided to work with Designated to build my website. The team have been brilliant in understanding my vision and exporting it in a simple user-friendly way.  

I had regular virtual meetings and feedback during each step of the process.

Dr Hiba Al-Reefy

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A Professional Website

Our marketing team presented a range of creative ideas for Dr Hiba to choose from, always ensuring that she was part of the decision process to develop her look and feel for the website.

Each design we deliver needs to reflect the personality, values and reputation of our consultants – each one is unique. Once a design was chosen, we worked with Dr Hiba to agree on the overall content of the website, planning how each page would complement the other.


The new website delivers a professional, seamless patient experience that demonstrates Dr Hiba’s credentials, values and experience.

The marketing team are maintaining, ensuring it continues to be relevant, up to date and informative.

Website image to improve online presence

“ The website is easy to cruise and designed in a simple and focused way.  I have chosen to continue the website maintenance with Designated as I feel the team understood my vision and delivered my message clearly.”

Dr Hiba Al-Reefy

Consultant Rhinologist Facial Plastic Surgeon 

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