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Designated Medical provides professional practice management support to private doctors and consultants. Our team of virtual medical secretaries aim to provide the highest quality service to our clients on a day to day basis. We support our doctors in growing and developing their private practice and we believe Doctify is a key enabler in achieving…(Read More)

Outsource social media

‘Website visitors are 4 times more likely to use social media than search engines to find what they want’ Speaking from personal experience, I found managing multiple social media accounts time consuming and an exhausting process. Managing my followers and unfollowers alone can be a headache, not to mention keeping track of my tweets and…(Read More)

Introducing Neil Bradbury, Consultant Knee Surgeon

Neil Bradbury is an internationally acclaimed consultant knee surgeon and UK specialist in surgical and non-surgical pioneering knee treatments. He has launched a new biological knee service, designed to treat damaged knees, utilising some of the most technically advanced diagnostics globally available. Pioneering knee surgery is in a process of continuous development; 2016 has…(Read More)

Benefits Outsourcing Social Media

Outsourcing your social media has so many benefits.  Considering there are over 2.3 BILLION social media users, with 73 % deciding whether to buy a product based on social media reviews, there really is no excuse not to jump on the social media bandwagon anymore. A whopping 93% of retail brands use 2 social media…(Read More)

Social Media Complaints

It only takes one scathing patient review to make a substantial, negative impact on your practice and following. Brands that are quick to recover from such a knock back tend to follow some basic steps to resolve the matter quickly, thus avoiding the dreaded automated ‘apology’ response. Did you know that; It takes 12 positive…(Read More)

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