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London millennials are more ready than ever for insured private healthcare. So has your marketing strategy caught up? Jane Braithwaite reports. Key to the success of any business owner, including private healthcare practitioners, is to understand their clients/patients so that the marketing and delivery of services can be tailored to meet their exact needs…(Read More)

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Doctors are under increasing scrutiny when it comes to reporting serious incidents and data-sharing in private practice. Jane Braithwaite presents a timely analysis and gives some useful tips. A recent BBC Panorama TV documentary entitled ‘How safe is your operation?’ uncovered serious concerns about the sharing of data and incident reporting in the private…(Read More)

Professionals working in the UK health industry are ideally placed to identify problems experienced by patients and colleagues. Every day they see the issues that could be improved by a new way of doing things, and many are now using their medical knowledge to address these problem areas in innovative, creative ways. Jane Braithwaite looks…(Read More)

Executive information is increasingly important for private doctors. Jane Braithwaite shows how to analyse your business and make changes based on practice data. All business leaders need executive information to enable them to review and manage their business. And that is equally true of private doctors and clinics. While patient data is often reviewed, the…(Read More)

The power of the patient testimonial presents a growing challenge for doctors in private practice. Jane Braithwaite shows how to keep up to speed with this phenomenon, the best way to deal with a bad review and how this can be managed so your practice gets the best out of these sites. It’s a…(Read More)

Jane Braithwaite shows how to make the most of the world of podcasts at your disposal. Our busy lives mean that we do not always have the time to sit down and enjoy listening to and watching the things we are interested in. Who among us is not guilty of recording and downloading TV programmes…(Read More)

Be a smart talker with patients

Communications between many practices and their patients in this digital age need improving. Be a smart talker with patients.  Jane Braithwaite (right) says it is important for all of us to learn about the options now available and to take a view on which system might best suit our practice and our patients. Communication with…(Read More)


Read Jane Braithwaite’s latest article in the series ‘Top Tips for Busy Doctors’ published in the Independent Practitioner Today talking all about party planning! Jane Braithwaite Promoting your practice’s services through a big event can be an important investment in your business. Jane Braithwaite details everything you need to know to ensure this…(Read More)

Read Jane Braithwaite’s latest article ‘Sum is Greater than the Parts’ in the Independent Practitioner Today touching on the subject of teamwork and how to get the best out of your team. The well-known saying ‘no man is an island’ is particularly true for anyone working in private practice, as it is impossible…(Read More)

Free Time

Read Jane Braithwaite’s latest article in the Independent Practitioner Today talking about how to make the most of your free time. Making the most of your free time Last month, we talked about time management and how to utilise time more efficiently. We need to do this to achieve our ultimate goal: creating “quality…(Read More)

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