Client Spotlight – Mr Neil Bradbury

Client Spotlight – Mr Neil Bradbury

Neil Bradbury is an internationally acclaimed consultant knee surgeon and UK specialist in surgical and non-surgical pioneering knee treatments. He has launched a new biological knee service, designed to treat damaged knees, utilising some of the most technically advanced diagnostics globally available. Pioneering knee surgery is in a process of continuous development; 2016 has been a significant year for this technique, with the launch of the biological service designed to treat knee problems. Cutting-edge soft tissue techniques and cell-based therapies are currently being utilised, when clinically appropriate, concentrating on innovative technologies to preserve the natural knee.

Injuries to the meniscus or ‘footballer’s cartilage’ – a rubbery shock absorber in the knee – are fairly common. Some tears can be repaired. Treatment for the majority of tears entails removal of the torn component, as the meniscus cannot easily heal; however, removing this can lead to early arthritis.  Neil Bradbury currently inserts scaffolds to enable the meniscus to regenerate, using transplant menisci.  Implantation of a scaffold for partial replacement, aims to support the body’s physiological healing pathway, by providing a three-dimensional matrix for cell adhesion and vascular ingrowth, when attached to the vascular portion of the meniscus.  In the short term, the procedure aims to restore the load-bearing and shock absorbing function of the damaged meniscus, contributing to pain relief and restoring functional mobility.

The Holy Grail

The ‘holy grail’ of knee surgery is to regenerate articular cartilage; this is the slippery gristle which covers the joints weight-bearing surfaces, enabling these to move smoothly.   Normal articular cartilage surfaces are as slippery as two ice cubes rubbing together. However, articular cartilage doesn’t regenerate easily when damaged.

Cutting Edge Technology

Neil Bradbury is launching cutting-edge technology called chondrocyte transplantation, to take a small quantity of normal cartilage cells from the knee, and regenerate these cells in a laboratory, before re-implanting in the knee.

Neil Bradbury is highly skilled in the use of this pioneering surgery, and early results have been encouraging. The future of this technology is promising, and companies all over the world are looking to develop and research this and similar techniques. Mr. Bradbury’s specialist team is refining the treatment of complex ligament injuries, and are able to reconstruct or repair the majority of ligaments around the knee, via keyhole surgery.  This treatment has significantly enhanced a patient’s recovery, when combined with specialist physiotherapy.  Knee surgery has a very high success rate and is a constructive branch of medicine; the majority of patients who have undergone treatment, are very satisfied with the results.


For an appointment to see Mr. Bradbury at the Wellington Hospital, London NW8 9JA please visit or call  020 7952 6703.

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