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medical secretary

Are you thinking of becoming a medical secretary?     Do you have administrative experience, an interest in medicine, and great communication skills? If so, a career as a medical secretary could be ideal, but what exactly would you be doing? DMED blog takes a look at 10 tasks you will undertake as a medical secretary…  &nbsp…(Read More)

Designated Medical’s Liliana Scott reflects on the skills a medical secretary needs, and gives tips on how to realise your potential. When I started writing this blog I asked myself, what tips could I give to the fellow colleagues that might read this article to make their everyday work easier? I reflected on all…(Read More)


Becoming A Medical Secretary: Liliana Scott talks to the DMED Blog about how she became a medical secretary… Having originally trained in a clinical role as a Speech & Language Therapist in Columbia, Liliana is now part of Designated Medical’s secretarial team providing support to consultants in a variety of specialities. With more than…(Read More)

Medical Secretary Qualifications

Working as a secretary in a medical environment involves more than just diary management and typing; it requires an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, communication skills that are second to none, and a commitment to providing a first class service to consultants and patients. So how do you go about becoming a Medical Secretary…(Read More)

Medical Secretary

There will come a time in every private consultant’s working life when it dawns on them that there are just not enough hours in the day (in fact, this is probably realised quite early on in their medical career!), but whether you are only just setting out on your journey into private practice, or…(Read More)

Medical Secretary - they can make your business soar

One of the most important hires you will ever make is your medical secretary.  Jane Braithwaite gives some excellent advice and tips on working in partnership. Your medical secretary should ideally be viewed as your business partner. But in a world where your patient is your highest priority and things generally move at lightning speed…(Read More)

Holiday Cover Medical Practice

As the holiday season is upon us, all business owners, whether medical or non-medical, face the challenge of scheduling cover for staff holidays.  The school holidays create a pressure cooker of demands for time off which need to be approved whilst ensuring that patient care is not compromised.  From an administrative perspective in a…(Read More)

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