Why Designated Medical recommends Doctify

Why Designated Medical recommends Doctify

Designated Medical recommends DoctifyDesignated Medical recommends Doctify

Designated Medical provides professional practice management support to private doctors and consultants. Our team of virtual medical secretaries aim to provide the highest quality service to our clients on a day to day basis. We support our doctors in growing and developing their private practice and we believe Doctify is a key enabler in achieving this.

We have summarised the main reasons why we believe Doctify makes a significant difference, from the perspective of patients and why it works so well for doctors: –

How Doctify Helps Patients

  1. Symptom search – Enables patients to search via their symptoms and helps identify the correct speciality consultant for their needs. Patients are often uncertain which specialist is appropriate for them, and Doctify is a reliable place for them to investigate.
  2. Out of hours booking – Patients can book an appointment out of hours. Many patients search for a doctor in the evening and at weekends, primarily because that is when they have free time. Also, someone suffering with an illness at the weekend, wants the reassurance of knowing they have an appointment booked on Monday morning.
  3. Consultant reviews – Doctify provides ratified patient reviews of consultants, which provide an independent assessment of a doctor. This is the closest we have seen to the “word of mouth” recommendation, which is ultimately what patients want.
  4. Availability – Doctify allows patients to find the next available appointment, which avoids the necessity of phoning around trying to secure an early appointment.
  5. One stop shop – A patient can rely on Doctify for their whole family’s medical needs. They have access to private GP’s as well as consultants corresponding to all specialities.
  6. Pricing – Patients can see online how much a doctor will charge for an appointment before they make the booking.
  7. 1000 doctors – There are currently just under 1000 doctors pertaining to 47 different specialties, signed up to Doctify; patients have access to a huge community of specialists.
  8. Its free – to patients.
  9. Mobile APP – patients can download the Doctify mobile app and search whilst on the move.


How Doctify Helps Doctors

  1. Bespoke profile – A doctor can create their personal profile and update it on a regular basis, to reflect their specialities and interests.
  2. Search engine optimisation – Doctors often spend significant amounts of money attempting to raise the profile of their own websites. Doctify has an impressive online profile from which doctors can benefit.
  3. Articles – Doctors can publish articles on Doctify to help support their profile.
  4. Geography – Doctify supports doctors in London and across the whole of the UK.
  5. Online booking – Doctors can update Doctify to show when their next appointment is available, enabling them to fill last minute appointments and cancellations.
  6. Recommendations – Doctors can upload testimonials from their patients to boost their profiles.
  7. Peer recommendations – Doctors can recommend other doctors within their referral network.
  8. Cost – Designated Medical clients are rewarded with a special offer. See details below.
  9. Investment – Doctify have recently secured significant funding to help them achieve their aim of becoming the number one patient online booking system.


Designated Medical Recommends Doctify

Special offer for Designated Medical Clients

  • Pay £549 for one year / save £90
  • Doctify create your SEO optimised profile
  • You can add online availability
  • Showcase the trusted Doctify badge for your website and a link allowing your patients to book appointments online
  • Receive personalised business cards
  • A portable Doctify mobile charger
  • Doctify will feature you in an interview as one of their top specialists on their social media channels.
  • You will become part of the Doctify PR network

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Please contact us for further details: –

+44 (0)20 7952 1008


Designated Medical

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Designated Medical are proud partners of Doctify

Designated Medical are proud partners of Doctify

We are extremely pleased to announce Designated Medical are proud partners working with Doctify.

Partners Doctify

Doctify are passionate about helping patients to find the right specialist by providing them with the right guidance and information. 

The leading health tech company in the UK.

Providing SaaS solutions for doctors, dentists and healthcare specialists enabling them to optimise their practices, manage their reputations online with patient reviews and peer recommendations, reduce no-shows with SMS notifications and email alerts and display calendar availability online. For more information, contact that the team at hello@doctify.co.uk.

The idea for Doctify started when one of our founders, Stephanie, was lost when she was trying to find a doctor for herself. Despite working as a surgeon in London, she was unsure where to find a doctor that specialised in treating her particular concern. She felt that relying on word of mouth or a simple search result on Google couldn’t be the only answer to finding the right doctor. She turned to her best friend, Suman, also a doctor, and so began the start of their journey to find a solution that would ultimately help other people in similar situations. The dream of creating a platform that would bring together patients and doctors was born.

Designated Medical Partners Doctify

Designated Medical share Doctify’s vision of simplifying this process and believe this platform is a modern forward thinking solution to help both doctors and patients.

Studies have shown that 9 out of 10 patients choose their doctors after having read reviews. At Doctify, we strongly believe in the benefit of patient reviews and the dual role they play: empowering people to make informed decisions and recognising the exceptional dedication of doctors and health specialists. The specialty, specific expertise and patient reviews are important factors in the decision-making process of a patient when selecting a doctor. However, as our lives get busier, location and availability are also very important considerations that patients take into account. Online booking tools will allow patients to book appointments from any device, 24-hours a day. These tools will also allow patients to see the next available doctor when an urgent appointment is required. Stephanie and Suman are committed to helping doctors manage their online presence through an independent, transparent and trusted site that represents their values and beliefs.

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