Why You Shouldn’t Buy Social Media Followers

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Social Media Followers

To buy or not to buy?

That’s the uncomfortable question facing many startups and small businesses in 2016. It’s all very well spending months diligently building up your followers, but to hit the 10K mark takes time and engagement.

We explain why you you shouldn’t buy social media followers.

Something that start ups tend to be lacking in.

When it comes to the murky world of social media, it doesn’t matter how fantastic your products & services are, how good your reputation is or how many awards you have won. Social media users tend to trust brands with a high number of followers and are more likely to follow a company with 10,000 over one with just 500.

I know this to be true thanks to my Twitter profile. Nobody battered an eyelid when I was at the 500 mark, now I’m nearing a more respectable figure of 6,000, I’ve been approached by a few companies to market their products in exchange for receiving the item for free.

So how can you compete without investing hours a day engaging with potential customers?

You BUY them.

You just need to take a look at ebay to see multiple offers to purchase followers. In the past, I  have fallen victim to purchasing Instagram followers, 1000 in fact and only for £2.50, and I felt a deep sense of guilt the whole time.  The quality of the followers was terrible. and I learn’t my lesson. After all, I could purchase another 10,000 tomorrow, but it doesn’t mean I will receive more likes, sales and exposure, because they are not real accounts!  So ask yourself,

Would you rather have 20,000 followers, or 100 followers who will actually engage with you?

Guy Kawasaki  ‘There are 2 kinds of people on social networks, those who want more followers, an those who are lying’

Another major factor for a startup is your reputation.

Going from 500 to 10,000 Twitter followers overnight will certainly have a detrimental effect on your fan base. It’s an obvious tactic to appear more popular than you really are. And which customer would trust a brand that lies to them?

Getting found out

Thanks to a new app called Fake Follower Check, it’s now easy to differentiate the real accounts and followers from the fake ones. 

So Let’s take a look at some metrics more important than just the amount of followers you have.

  • How many people engage with you on a daily basis?
  • How many like and retweet your posts?
  • Have you been added to anyone’s Twitter lists? If so, how often?
  • How much traffic is driven by your tweets?

I have learnt it’s far more important to measure engagement than by how many followers you have.

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