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medical secretary

Are you thinking of becoming a medical secretary?     Do you have administrative experience, an interest in medicine, and great communication skills? If so, a career as a medical secretary could be ideal, but what exactly would you be doing? DMED blog takes a look at 10 tasks you will undertake as a medical secretary…  &nbsp…(Read More)

Jane Braithwaite shows how to make the most of the world of podcasts at your disposal. Our busy lives mean that we do not always have the time to sit down and enjoy listening to and watching the things we are interested in. Who among us is not guilty of recording and downloading TV programmes…(Read More)

Be a smart talker with patients

Communications between many practices and their patients in this digital age need improving. Be a smart talker with patients.  Jane Braithwaite (right) says it is important for all of us to learn about the options now available and to take a view on which system might best suit our practice and our patients. Communication with…(Read More)

Designated Medical’s Liliana Scott reflects on the skills a medical secretary needs, and gives tips on how to realise your potential. When I started writing this blog I asked myself, what tips could I give to the fellow colleagues that might read this article to make their everyday work easier? I reflected on all…(Read More)

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