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Portrait Photo

Designated Medical recognises the importance of a professional portrait photo and highly recommends Vicki Sharp Photography who has done many of the portrait photos for the Designated Medical team. Vicki set up Vicki Sharp Photography in 2008 after a successful & varied career in Film & TV.    She had been involved in Special Effects,…(Read More)

Read Jane Braithwaite’s latest article ‘Ways you can manage your profile’ published in the November edition of the Independent Practitioner Today talks about how independent practitioners can manage their public image.  Read here… Our monthly series by Jane Braithwaite(right) gives some vital tips to help independent practitioners manage their public image  Ways you…(Read More)

Read Jane Braithwaite’s first article ‘Be more attractive’ as part of the ‘Top Tips for Busy Doctors’ series published in the September issue of the Independent Practitioner Today … Be More Attractive How to attract more patients is a key concern for doctors starting out in private practice and for those with established practices who…(Read More)

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