What are Health Awareness Days and how can you use them for Private Practice Marketing?

What are Health Awareness Days and how can you use them for Private Practice Marketing?

Health awareness days

What are health awareness days?

Health awareness days are planned observance events where a cause is being highlighted on social media. There are so many, they range from health-related ones to more fun and light-hearted ones!

You can plan a content marketing strategy using these, choosing the ones which are the most relevant to you personally and for your medical practice. These days are known a fair way in advance, so you can plan social media content and your messages ahead of time.

How to use health awareness days

Awareness and national days are incredibly popular on social media, generally used as hashtags and more often than not, trending on Twitter. This provides a golden opportunity to join the conversation, increase your engagement and reach new audiences.

You’ll need to select the right awareness days to include as part of your marketing strategy, they need to be relevant and match your medical practice objectives. When thinking about awareness days, you can use this framework to select the most appropriate day for you.

  1. Do the causes align with your private medical practice?
  2. Does the cause match or enhance your private medical practice values?
  3. Are the causes aligned to your Corporate Social Responsibility goals?
  4. Is it something you’re passionate about?
  5. Is the cause driven by staff interest or staff engagement?

It’s important to be able to give your unique view or context to the awareness days. Your content will then be more valuable and raise awareness on this topic.

You’ll need to do your research though, finding the relevant hashtags, and this will allow people to see your content and get involved, extending your reach. Your activity needs to be a win-win for you and the awareness day or cause. You’ll be supporting them, increasing awareness and creating conversation and engagement.

The content you create for the awareness day can be a good content hook, driving traffic to your website from your social media channels. It’s timely and often being talked about already, so planning your content ahead of time and publishing on the right day is key! 

Make sure to also include your involvement in appropriate emails and any newsletters too, so your email subscribers aren’t missing out on this valuable content. You might be able to remind them of your social media accounts and encourage them to become new followers of your medical practice online channels.

Do you want a hand getting your marketing strategy sorted? Do you know the awareness days you’d like to use for your business? Get in touch with Designated and let our marketing team, work their magic for you and your private medical practice.





June Edition of Stay Connected

June Edition of Stay Connected

High performance teams stay connected designated

Hello and welcome to the June edition of our newsletter.

June is a month we have been anticipating as, hopefully, lockdown restrictions continue to ease and we can start to plan for the summer months, both personally and professionally. On that note, we have a feature this month on a highly recommended travel advisor who can assist you with all of your travel needs and ensure you are well informed and protected from the ever-changing travel rules and regulations.

This month we share an article by Jane Braithwaite, Designated Managing Director, looking at the ways we can create high performing teams in the workplace, taking inspiration from the England rugby team.

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May Edition of Stay Connected

May Edition of Stay Connected

May Newsletter

Welcome to May’s edition of Stay Connected.

We are feeling very positive about the month of May although it is still a bit cool for our liking, especially given that socialising needs to take place outdoors.

We read Laing Buisson’s new report, published during April, into the UK’s private self-pay market with great interest. The report describes an evidenced growth in the self-pay market. They predict that growth from insured patients will remain static for the foreseeable future but confidence in self pay is high, with 52% of those surveyed expecting the market to grow by 10-15% over the next 3 years.

We are seeing an increase in patient activity and the number of calls our Medical PA team is handling increasing week by week. Our recruitment team are also incredibly busy, recruiting new positions for a number of our clients. We see this as a real sign of confidence returning with private healthcare rebuilding
post-Covid and planning for growth.

If you would like to know more about our HR and recruitment services please contact Hannah Smith via email at hannah@designatedgroup.com or 020 7952 1437.

April Edition of Stay Connected

April Edition of Stay Connected

Spring Flowers DMED

Welcome to April’s edition of Stay Connected.

We hope you are all starting to feel the joys of Spring.

Now the clocks have changed offering the promise of longerdays we are feeling increasingly positive about the coming days and weeks. Without wishing to burst this bubble of positivity, April also marks the start of the new tax year and many of you will be starting to work on your accounts for the last year. Our fully qualified and licensed Accountants are available to support you and they are offering a free financial health check for our clients.

Also this month, our colleagues at Private Practice Pro launch their new online course helping doctors set up and establish their private practice.

The course content is delivered via video and provides valuable learning for doctors starting their private practice journey.

We are delighted to have a special offer to extend to the Designated Medical community so please do get in touch if you would like further information.

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March Edition of Stay Connected

March Edition of Stay Connected

2021 budget image of building blocks

Welcome to the March edition of Stay Connected.

This month we look at how the budget will affect you so we are sharing our analysis of the UK budget and how this may impact the private healthcare sector. We also take a look at private practice and how it’s recovering from the panedemic. In another article featured in the Independent Practitioner Today, we look at flexible working and how this can be used to benefit the healthcare sector focusing on patients and employees.

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January Stay Connected

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