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The predominant rule of thumb with social media is ‘be where your audience is’. We know they are out there on social media, but where? And how do we find them and engage with them? Understanding social media Jane Braithwaite says the starting point is to develop a good understanding of the various social media…(Read More)

Portrait Photo

Designated Medical recognises the importance of a professional portrait photo and highly recommends Vicki Sharp Photography who has done many of the portrait photos for the Designated Medical team. Vicki set up Vicki Sharp Photography in 2008 after a successful & varied career in Film & TV.    She had been involved in Special Effects,…(Read More)

How To Grow Your Private Practice - 5 Simple Tips

Managing your own practice promises a flexible schedule and the ability to set some of your own policies and procedures. However, possibly one of the most challenging aspects is growing your patient list and marketing your services to an already saturated London market. We have created 5 proven tips to grow your Private Practice 1…(Read More)

digital marketing

Designated PA is the subsidiary company of Designated Medical – providing personal assistant solutions to entrepreneurs, small business, consultants and private individuals. Amazing Results Designated PA began activity across their social media networks and started writing content for the DPA blog and within just 5 months saw some amazing results.   To this day the benefits of…(Read More)

Outsource social media

‘Website visitors are 4 times more likely to use social media than search engines to find what they want’ Speaking from personal experience, I found managing multiple social media accounts time consuming and an exhausting process. Managing my followers and unfollowers alone can be a headache, not to mention keeping track of my tweets and…(Read More)

Benefits Outsourcing Social Media

Outsourcing your social media has so many benefits.  Considering there are over 2.3 BILLION social media users, with 73 % deciding whether to buy a product based on social media reviews, there really is no excuse not to jump on the social media bandwagon anymore. A whopping 93% of retail brands use 2 social media…(Read More)

Shouldn’t Buy Social Media Followers

To buy or not to buy? That’s the uncomfortable question facing many startups and small businesses in 2016. It’s all very well spending months diligently building up your followers, but to hit the 10K mark takes time and engagement. We explain why you you shouldn’t buy social media followers. Something that start…(Read More)

Read Jane Braithwaite’s first article ‘Be more attractive’ as part of the ‘Top Tips for Busy Doctors’ series published in the September issue of the Independent Practitioner Today … Be More Attractive How to attract more patients is a key concern for doctors starting out in private practice and for those with established practices who…(Read More)

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