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Here are our top tips on how to attract new patients to your private practice

1. Referrals – Word of mouth is the most effective way to expand your practice. How? Ensure your current patients are aware of your full range of services.
Contented and informed patients are the best ambassadors.

2. Online reputation – Google your name and see what you find. Prospective patients will do this before they book an appointment with you. Are you happy with what you have found? Is it correct? If you have a website, does this appear at the top of the search list? Our marketing team can carry out an online reputation check for you for free. Please get in touch – michelle@designatedgroup.com.

3. Website – A website is often the 1st port of call for potential patients and needs to be accurate and have all your information in one place.

4. Blogs – They are a vital tool to help promote your practice – positive, reassuring, informative and caring communication with patients. A blog can be used several times, a newsletter, social media and on your website – all helping to raise your profile.

5. Social media – use this to your advantage to promote your services and drive patients to your website – extending your reach to new patients and referrers.

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