Medical PA

Position Title: Medical PA

Department: Designated Medical

Reporting to: Practice Manager

Budget Responsibility: No

Number of Reports: N/A

Position Summary:

The primary role of a Medical PA is to provide professional medical PA and secretarial support to the consultants (clients) of Designated Medical. The Medical PA will perform secretarial duties utilizing specific knowledge of medical terminology and hospital or clinic procedures to support consultants on a remote basis from their own home office.

Supports consultant by representing physicians; screening and sorting email, documents, and telephone calls; scheduling patient appointments and arranging referrals; liaising with billing firms to ensure they have enough information to raise invoices and collect money; transcribing dictation; preparing medical reports, patient histories, operative notes, manuscripts, and correspondence; maintaining office files and patient records

Key Objectives:

  • Internal Process: To work within Designated Medicals parameters for time management, absence tracking and expenses, to ensure these are updated on a daily basis and that best practices are adopted for ‘hourly rate’ clients, allocated hours and recharged costs.
  • Telephone Management: To answer above 90% of all incoming calls and action as appropriate; either by dealing with the patient/consultant/caller request directly or recording and transmitting messages to appropriate team members. Hunt Group and personal voicemails must be checked 3 times a day and messages returned appropriately
  • Email: Where applicable PA’s must use the consultants practice email to communicate with patients, consultants and other recipients. Encryption services must be utilised for all communications. Email accounts must be regularly monitored, and emails responded to within 24hrs.
  • Transcription: All audio files to be transcribed and actioned within 48hrs of receipt. Completed documents should be uploaded to a PMS (Practice Management System) and sent to appropriate recipients using encrypted email or postal service, where no email address is available. Where a consultant transcribes their own letters, these must be actioned within 24hrs of receipt.
  • Patient Liaison: Liaison via encrypted email, phone and letter to ensure patients have everything they need prior to their appointment/surgery, and follow ups are actioned post appointment/surgery. Fee’s must be fully disclosed to patients prior to treatment start.
  • Clinic & Theatre Bookings: To ensure each hospital/site has all necessary details in order to process each patient on arrival. And that additional equipment, specialist persons have also been confirmed.
  • Rescheduling more than one clinic per month per consultant should be reported to PM
  • Practice Management Systems: To ensure that the consultants preferred PMS is fully updated and utilised to its full functionality. To work in conjunction with hospitals and clinics using a combination of their booking methods and the consultants preferred PMS and to ensure BOTH systems are up to date.
  • Scanning: No hard copy scanning should be undertaken without the express permission of the Practice Manager. Consultants should use the phone app; CamScanner.
  • Billing & Payment Services: No form of billing and payment services (including reconciliation) should be undertaken without the express permission of the Practice Manager. PA’s must ensure that respective billing firms have all information needed in order to invoice patients. Where patients have invoice queries these must be directed through to billing firms for action.
  • Knowledge Sharing: To ensure that all passwords and information sheets are updated and stored using the appropriate Designated methods.
  • Absence: Consultants must be notified of all pre-planned absences on approval and then week prior to the absence. Full handover must be actioned for all consultants 24hrs in advance of absence, including accessing all systems.
  • Onsite: Onsite consultant work as directed by the Practice Manager
  • AdHoc: Adhoc tasks and responsibilities as directed by the Practice Manager or Consultant (within the scopeof services offered)
  • Confidentiality: Maintains patient and consultant confidence and protects operations by keepinginformation confidential.
  • Regulatory: Serves and protects the health care community by adhering to professional standards, hospitalpolicies and procedures.

Hours per week: 35 Hours

Core Competencies:

  • Strong communication skills, verbal and written
  • Attention to detail, work accurately and methodically
  • Strong relationship builder, with ability to work and build rapport with all types of people
  • Highly motivated


  • 90% of calls answered; measured through weekly call reports
  • Allocations to be kept to within 20%; measure through reports available from WFM
  • Handover documents & passwords to be kept up to date
  • To prepare and submit mid-month and/or month end reports (as applicable) to include number of patientsseen, number of procedures done, and number of rescheduled clinics. It should also highlight NHS choose and book patients where we have entered more than just the primary details onto the PMS.


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