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October 2021 Edition of Stay Connected

Hello and welcome to the October edition of our newsletter.

In this months newsletter, we spotlight the events industry. After what has felt like a never-ending hiatus, events calendars seem to be filling up once again. This year people gathered for some of the biggest, global sporting events such as The UEFA European Football Championship as well as the Tokyo Olympics.

Though opinions were divided on such events happening whilst we were still struggling with Covid-19, these in-person gatherings gave the green light for other industries outside of the sporting world, to start planning their own, much smaller events.

We look at the future of medical events, 2022 onwards and discuss buzzwords such as hybrid, virtual and live to see what these mean for organisers going forward.

If you’re planning your marketing and events activities and would like some support, please don’t hesitate to contact us, perhaps we can help you.

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