Sean Cross

Medical PA

‘My Designated PA is really great. Couldn’t ask for more. Responsive, effective, efficient, pleasant and personable. Very happy. ’
Sean Cross – Consultant Psychiatrist

Medical PA - Sean Cross - Designated Medical

Our Client

Sean Cross is a private psychiatrist consultant with interests in self-harm and suicide prevention, trauma, and the complex interplay between mental and physical well-being. His practice provides a high-quality, effective, personalised service to his patients.

Our Challenge

Sean is an exceptionally busy consultant based at the only private adult mental health hospital in Central London. Above the requirements of running a successful private practice, such as diary management, patient communications and prescription requests, Sean needed a team that really understood the nature of his patients and how he cares for them. Every patient needs to be assessed as to whether Sean is the right psychiatrist for them, and this can be hugely time-consuming if this isn’t done before the initial consultation.

Our Results

Sean’s Designated Medical PA appreciates the additional level of empathy and professionalism his patients require on a daily basis. Considering the nature of Sean’s specialism, privacy is a key consideration, so GDPR is always at the forefront of all data collection and communications managed by his Medical PA. We ensure Sean’s patients are well informed, his practice is always GDPR compliant, and patients are reviewed before any appointments are made. This provides Sean with a patient he knows he can help, and the patient the confidence that Sean is the right consultant for them.

Why Sean Cross chose Designated Medical

Designated’s experienced Medical PAs understand the challenges a busy private practice faces and know how to alleviate the pressures. They work as a team, so each Medical PA is supported by a team leader and a wider group of Medical PAs who can provide advice and knowledge when needed. We work as a team and become an integral part of yours.